Reliable Carpet Patching Service in Melbourne

If there are permanent stains, holes, burn marks, matting or shedding in your carpet, then get these flaws eliminated with help of carpet patch repair service offered by Metro Carpet Repair Melbourne. We have a team of carpet repair specialists that can repair the damaged areas in a carpet with help of carpet patching. It is a wonderful technique that helps in increasing the life of the carpet and prevents falls and injuries.

In this technique, our professionals trim off the damaged section from a carpet and replace it with a similar patch. The damaged areas are covered so accurately with the patch that nobody could recognise the mended part. Our carpet mending Melbourne service is available for both commercial and residential properties. For emergency cases, we even offer the advantage of same-day service.

The price of our invisible carpet mending Melbourne treatment is pocket-friendly. We would make use of modern repair techniques and tools to revamp different kinds of carpets. If you are available on weekends, then you can call us on weekends as well. Our contact number is 0480017395. You can either call us or send a message via the contact form. Our customer care team would assist you!

Carpet Burns

The primary cause of carpets getting burnt is due to the cigarettes or barbeque coal. This type of burn damage on the carpets is repaired by cutting the damaged part and putting in with a similar leftover carpet piece which is hot-glued on the affected area. Smaller the damage, easier to remove the carpet fibres with the help of scissors. If the burns are bigger, it has to be replaced with the help of a big piece of cloth. Make a template of paper slightly larger than the hole. With the help of the template, remove the damaged part. Cut the piece from an unnoticeable corner. Replace this piece of carpet in the hole and seam the edges


Major foot traffic makes the carpet surface flat, which makes the appearance of the carpet a little shaded. In these situations, it is necessary to brush the area and vacuum it. In areas of heavy traffic, crushing and matting also occur. The pile becomes flat and the rug starts to look worn. In order to restore your carpet, it is necessary to get assistance from professionals and if home re-fluffing methods fail, so give us a call.


Shedding occurs over time as the carpets get used on daily basis. Many people may think of this as a defect in production, but a normal occurrence. To restore the carpet, it is necessary to vacuum the area. Snags are tufts that have been pulled off the surface of the carpet. These occur more than cut pile ones in loop pile carpets. Ensure that you do not pull the carpet and cut them properly.

If you want to enquire about our carpet restretching repair in Melbourne or want to know a express booking, feel free to call Metro Carpet Repair Melbourne on 0480017395.


What is the usual way to restore my carpet which is burnt and stained?
Our experts will help you repair the carpet by offering an efficient service that shall remove the visible stains and burns from your carpet. For this, you need a spare piece of cloth or you can get it cut from your upholstered furniture.

How long is the patching process?
You do not have to bother about spending an entire day for the patching process as our experts will only need an hour or two. They are skilled and trained and thus will not take more than two hours for the work.

Is this long-lasting?
This completely depends on the carpet quality and once it is patched, the part new part is just another inclusive part of the entire carpet.

What are the charges of carpet patching?
The costs of carpet patching in Melbourne are dependent on the work that has to be executed. If you are in a hurry to do the work and want to know an estimate, call Metro Carpet Repair Melbourne on 0480017395 for a express booking.

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