Effective Carpet Restretching Repair Melbourne

Can you find ripples, waves, lines, and buckles on the carpet? These uneven hurdles could make it difficult for you to walk on the carpet. Many people in commercial and residential properties get injured because of the ripples. Carpet restretching repair is an amazing service that Metro Carpet Repair Melbourne offers to customers. Our experienced team knows the dos and don’ts of this service and ensure 100% customer satisfaction by obtaining the best results.

The carpet restretching repair Melbourne process involves the use of a stretching machine. This machine is used to tightly stretch the carpet and eliminate all the waves and ripples. From detaching the carpet from padding to tucking it back to the strips, our experts do it all with ease and perfection. We are punctual and quick with our work. You would not face inconvenience because of our team.

By booking our carpet repair and rug repair Melbourne service, you can maintain a carpet for many years. Whenever you notice minor damage in the carpet, ask the experts to mend it at an initial stage. Our service is reasonably priced and can be booked on any day of the week. To get a quote or answers to your queries, you can reach out to us.

Want your carpets to get back its lost shine and strength? Call Metro Carpet Repair Melbourne!

If you are searching for an eminent Melbourne Carpet Repair and Re-stretching services that will enhance your living, look no further. Metro Carpet Repair Melbourne is a leading name in this industry and offers all the right solutions for your carpet repair.

Carpets frequently undergo damage due to several regular incidents and thus needs to be restored as soon as possible. We specialise in repairs, and make your carpets free from all the noticeable damages. Also, we have carpet re-stretching service and carpet repairs in Melbourne if your carpet has formed lines, bumps, waves or bubbles. We can stretch or patch the carpet as flat as it was put on the day. For a variety of reasons, ripples or wrinkles may come from bad laying methods to several differences. To extend the durability of the carpet, the carpet should be restretched.

As it is often referred to, carpet restretching Melbourne restores the new and tidy look to your room and needs little expenditure in Melbourne. For Melbourne homes, the carpet that is extra is then cut off and the edges fixed to the wall sides.

Our team ensures that eco-friendly products are used for carpet restoration services, so it is clean and safe for your beloved family members and pets. Also, regular washing of carpets can reduce the life of your carpets. As cleaning the carpet provides the carpet with wrinkles or waves, so it is always advisable to avoid washing of the carpets. We use the new stretching instruments and professional techniques, which will help you in saving high expenses of replacing your carpet and revitalise your flooring presence.

Metro Carpet Repairs Melbourne also offers you advice free of charge, without any obligation.

We at Metro Carpet Repairs Melbourne think a beautiful home begins with an elegant and clean carpet, so why wait? Call us now and get your booking done for Carpet Re-stretching services in Melbourne! We believe in customer satisfaction and assure you quality services at reasonable prices.

Our systematic process!

Dry Soil Vacuuming

First and foremost, dry, loose soil particles are removed from your carpet.


For any greasy, sticky stains, hot steam is applied to the carpet. The oil and grease start coming out due to hot steaming.

Wrinkle Removal

Everyone wants their carpets flat and tight. So, to remove the wrinkles, the carpet is re-installed after re-stretching. This reduces the risk of falling.


With a stay time of 10 – 15 minutes. To loosen the embedded dust, your carpet is lightly damp.


Seaming, layout and transport are the easiest ways to restretch carpets.

Extraction of Hot Water

Your carpet gets cleaned with hot water and with the help of a rod, the soil in it is extracted.

Fiber Grooming

Finally, grooming of the carpet takes place by allowing the fibres to be straight up.


Are your people trained enough?

Yes, we employ only proficient and skilled personnel. We guarantee you quality work in estimated time.

Is carpet-restretching necessary?

Yes, carpet restretching enhances the durability of the carpets and reduces the chances of tripping over the carpet. We use a carpet kicker to properly stretch your carpets.

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