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Carpets add beauty to your house interiors and make your space complete. When you take extra care of it, the elegance and comfort you can gain from well-maintained carpets are advantageous. Carpet seams are one common issue that requires specialist timely repair care. When installing carpets, the explanation behind it may be low-quality content or inappropriate equipment and techniques. Old carpets require good care because it begins to get stiff after a certain time interval. And Metro Carpet Repairs Melbourne will offer you with the latest and most reliable carpet seam repair services in Melbourne at your convenience.

Basic steps for effective Carpet Seam Repair

The most persistent issues are loose seams and tufts; you can eliminate peaks and all with carpet seam repair services in Melbourne. Generally, the loose material gets tightened as a carpet is spread. As well as peaking, the process we use for carpet seaming will minimise strain. You may also connect the two adjacent points together with carpet seaming tape.

Carpet seams typically start to break over time, so people get overwhelmed when they have to figure out how to choose between fixing and replacing them. There are fundamental steps which should be taken care of. Ensure that while installing your carpets, you leave some space from the doors which helps the carpet to remain in shape. Even after all this, your carpet seam splits, follow the below steps:

Professional Seam Repair Methods that We Apply:

Carpet Tape :—

The most essential method we take to solve the seaming issue is the with carpet tape. We add tape to the damaged area after the type of problem is encountered. The two opposite sides are connected in such a way that the upper side is considered to be the baseboard of the lower part of the carpet.

Steps which we follow:

First of all, we assess the length of the affected portion that needs carpet tapping. After that, the carpet tape will be cut according to length and the floor will be prepared.

Experts will tighten the floor covering with carpet stretching to eliminate wrinkles. We subsequently draw the edges by cutting the needless piece of carpet.

Then we start tapping the upper and lower portions of the carpet surfaces by marking the rows. We tighten it correctly with the aid of experienced team members so that the edges will touch accordingly. You can comfortably start walking on floors without any apprehension after this.

Glue Gun used during installation of the carpet:

Likewise, you can connect the two points with glue, much like in the case of carpeting. You can correctly add the material to the desired section of your carpet with a glue gun. The simplest process is to tape both sides together with adhesive stuff.

Steps we follow:

The most important move before all this is to cut the fraying areas with a sharp knife.

Now, when the seam portion is removed, glue is applied to the carpet by opening it up. But this takes good care of carpet fabric since it can be toxic to hot glue.

Fix both points together now and retain some heavyweight on the desired section.

Seam Sealer:

There are plenty of methods used to revive the damaged section; one of them is the seam sealer. The material is added to the surface of the carpet to resolve the hazards of carpet seaming that professionals normally apply before installation. All over the corners and edges too, we add seam sealers.

Steps we follow:

If issues arise after installation of the carpet seam, you can provide a permanent solution to it with the seam sealer.

Metro Carpet Repairs Melbourne apply the required amount of solution to both the back surface and the flooring.

We seal the damaged portion of your carpet by putting heavy weight over it.


Until seam sealers are applied, is it necessary to contact carpet repair professionals?

Yeah, before applying the seam sealer over it, it is appropriate to contact skilled service providers.

To restore the corners of carpets, may we use a Glue Gun?

Yes, in every corner, you can use this stuff. You should tighten your wall to wall carpeting with this sticky substance,

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