Carpet Water Damage Repairs Melbourne

Spilled water from washing machines, natural floods, burst pipelines and many other reasons could lead to the accumulation of water on a carpet. If this water is removed at the right time, it could become problematic. Mould, holes, bacterial growth and tattered ends could be seen on the carpet when flooding happens. Sometimes, the damage is too severe and the property owners are left with no choice other than replacing the carpet. But, mostly carpet water damage in Melbourne can be fixed by professionals.

Water damaged carpet services provided by Metro Carpet Repair Melbourne could be beneficial in restoring the old state of the carpet. The experts extract the water and use patching, stretching and sewing techniques to repair the carpet. Our experts are experienced and they know how to fix the problems with help of the right methods. For urgent requirements, we can reach your property on the same day. We keep our clients at the top and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

The water damaged carpet repair Melbourne service can be booked on any day of the year at a budget-friendly price. The booking process is hassle-free and quick. If you have any queries or concerns related to service or booking, contact us on the helpline number

Why choose Metro Carpet Repair Melbourne for the repair of carpets damaged by water?

We are a metro carpet restaurant, and if the carpet is contaminated by water, the effects of pollution and harm to the atmosphere should be reduced with the utmost urgency. Due to the high moisture in the carpets, plaster walls, wooden furniture, wooden flooring, board, etc., may get affected. Therefore, water-damaged carpets should be fixed at the earliest to avoid damage to products with hygroscopic properties. Cleaning damaged carpet water is a daunting job, and the condition can get worse if you wait for a day or try to clean it yourself. A particular procedure is used by Metro Carpet Repair Melbourne to provide you with acceptable results for your water-damaged carpet.

Types of Water Damages

Carpets are harmed by various kinds of water, some of which is due to your home’s pipe leaks, washing machines, or just mild water incidents. Your carpet damage depends on the source of water. What? How? Our experts have found that damaging elements hold multiple sources of water.

1.Regular Water Damage

Daily water damage includes damaged pipes, leakages of dishwater, overflow of washing machines, clogged toilets, hot water, etc. In several houses, this sort of water damage occurs regularly. Although it is possible to deal with most of these damages in no time, some of them can cause unrecoverable harm.

2.Contaminated water damage

Chemicals from dishwashers and toilet cleaning products are involved in this sort of water destruction. Such water damage typically occurs by mistake or because of accidents. Contaminated water carries different chemicals, some of which can destroy your carpets permanently. It can also cause strange smells and ruin your home’s atmosphere.

Your carpet will not live for long because of polluted water damage. It needs urgent attention and professional assistance, otherwise, you’re going to have to repair the carpet.

3.Toxic Water Damage

In comparison to polluted water, harmful water damage to both the carpet and humans is often hazardous. This form of water contains pathogenic agents which include medical waste chemicals, industrial waste, backflow of toilets, expired cleaning products, etc. A carpet contaminated by radioactive water is a serious health threat.

In this scenario, without hesitation, you will have to get professional assistance or the broken carpet will be the least of your issues. It’s also best to keep your distance from certain carpets destroyed by water. At least until the practitioners deal with the problem.

Methods embraced by our water-damaged carpet repair experts in Melbourne

There is a way for our accredited and licenced practitioners to do water damage carpet repair. Here is a list of methods that we choose to make you familiar with those methods:

Evaluation of and cause of the damaged carpet

Our experts determine, first of all, the harm caused and the explanation behind it. In order to know the depth of injury, they inspect your position. It allows us to arrange our jobs. So, our experts inspect the site, categorise the source of water, and then determine the form of water damage. We will come up with the a best-customized approach that will work for you by knowing the degree of risk.

Job scope and the approximate cost

We are planning the best restoration plan for your house, as per the findings. At this point, our technicians will tell you the approximate cleaning cost and length.

Water extraction from the carpet

In order to remove water, Metro Carpet Repair Melbourne uses advanced instruments. Our technicians are skilled and take water away from your damp carpets easily. For efficient outcomes, this stage is important, more the water is removed, the quicker the carpet can dry.

Controlling the Mould

Carpet moisture can give rise to harmful allergens such as moulds. In damp areas, moulds appear to grow and water-damaged carpets are a perfect place for them to grow. To efficiently get rid of the mould, we have the best tools and antimicrobial materials. In addition, we also ensure that the mould does not resurface and cause your property to suffer more harm. During the drying process, antimicrobial treatment is performed once and is subsequently carried out again after the carpet is fully dried.

Wet Carpet Drying through dehumidification

We use heavy-duty industrial air movers to disperse water molecules quicker to help drying as soon as the water extraction is complete. For the removal of moisture from the air, desiccant or LGR dehumidifiers are used. To encourage thorough drying of the structure and subfloor, we should raise the carpet.

Removal of browning stains from water damaged carpets

Our experts are capable of cleaning any cellulosic browning stains created by water residues until the carpet is dry.

Carpet restretching, if needed

We’ll re-lay and restretch it back to prevent any bulge in the carpet if the carpet is lifted.

Ongoing humidity control

Moisture metre to verify moisture levels from a structure. In order to achieve adequate flood damage reconstruction, we continue to track the moisture levels at all stages right from the beginning of the process until the drying and sanitisation.

We keep air movers and dehumidifiers working on your property and periodically check the moisture and moisture content of the affected materials at regular intervals.

When the instrument confirms that all damaged products are returned to the state of pre-loss moisture, the restorative drying job is considered to be done.

Flooded carpet steam washing with antimicrobial sanitiser

Along with the antimicrobial sanitiser, we steam clean the carpet for a deeper cleaning to kill the remaining bacteria and eradicate intolerable damp odour.

Final Reports

We will provide you with a final report that you can use to apply for insurance claims upon completion of the water damage rehabilitation process.

Do not hesitate if you come across such a terrible situation at your home or office. To safely restore your flooded house, call our experienced trained master water restorer on 0480017395


Are your professionals licensed to do water damage carpet repair?

Yes, all our technicians are trained and licensed to restore your valuable carpets from water damage.

Will you be available on weekends?

Yes, we are available 24/7 and can provide you with same day and emergency water damage carpet repair services.


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