Carpet is a very crucial investment for any home and deserves the same level of attention and care to maintain them. Various situations will require you to get carpet patch repair service due to damage done by environmental factors, aging and catastrophic spills. Maintaining your carpet is important. It includes regularly removing dry particle soiling which otherwise causes carpet abrasion and targeted spot removal which has to be dealt with urgently, otherwise it may become permanent.

Metro Carpet Repair Melbourne experts are IICRC certified and specialise in carpet repair, re-stretching, Hole Repair, Seam Carpet Repair, Wrinkle Repair & Restoration of Wet Carpet. Our Company give services in Commercials & Residentials areas. To know more about it, call us on 0480017395.

You should also know that carpets undergo a lot of wear and tear due to foot traffic, dust, pet damage, spills etc. It does not take long for a small spill to convert into a large problem area if not taken care of. We understand that carpets are one of your prized possessions and make your home décor complete and therefore we are truly dedicated to their restoration. If your carpet is damaged here and there, carpet mending in East Geelong is very economical. Using this technique, you save a lot of money by just doing localised repair rather than going out and buying a new one.

Carpet Patch Repair Services

We have an expert team skilled in carpet repairs, fixing and patching. We give your carpets a new life by spot treatment so that you don’t have to worry about your carpet damage anymore. We inspect and fix all the problem areas with precision!

Be it spilled wine, cigarette burns or dirt, you don’t want your carpets to tell all the stories to your guests. Depending on the problem area, your carpet may need different treatments. All this may seem daunting, but don’t worry we got you covered.We offer carpet patch repair services for the same. Pet hair, dander and scratches can cause permanent damages, we take care of that too.

Flooding and clogging may also be some of the factors to cause carpet damage. Restoration after water damage will lead to some serious damage to the appearance of your carpet and negative health effects on your family. This is why you have to choose professional carpet patch repair in East Geelong services instantly in case of any damage.

Fixing the carpet damage on your own is not just complicated but full of hassles. And if you end up causing further damage then you will have to replace the whole carpet thus leading which will be even more expensive. So, it’s always a good idea to hire professionals to do the job

How carpet patch repair is done?

If your carpet is damaged due to spill, burn, stains, holes or any other wear and tear issue then you may try the carpet patch repair services. It will involve the following steps:-

Step 1: Removal of damaged carpet area

Firstly the damaged area of the carpet is measured to determine how big the carpet patch needs to be. Using a carpet knife or utility knife, the piece will be removed. You need to be careful not to damage the surrounding carpet area.

Step 2: Cut the replacement piece as per the size required.

Once we remove the damaged area of carpet the technician will then measure the patch of carpet which needs to be replaced. You can take the patch from the carpet fabric or you will have to find a similar fabric from the shop. You have to keep the replacement fabric on the bare piece of carpet and check whether everything matches perfectly.

Step 3: Insert the Replacement piece

The final step is the placement of the replacement piece by the carpet service technician. The replacement piece is put with the help of the carpet tape, which is a double-sided tape adhering to the floor as well as the carpet.

Step 4: Smooth and Trim

After securing the replacement carpet, our team further smoothens it out and trim any long fibre thus making it look flawless and blended with the rest of the carpet. Whether it is fixing seams, replacing your carpet pad, or repairing stains, we are the one-stop solution to all of that. So what are you waiting for? Call us today itself and get a free quote and more information about our services!

Benefits of Carpet Patch Repair services

Here are some of the  benefits of carpet patch repair services:-

Retain the beauty of carpet: With carpet patch repair services, you can restore the nature and elegance of your carpet. You can extend the durability and look of the carpet.

Good hygiene: You can ensure that your office or home stays safe from different infestations, dirt, dust and allergies.

Reduce health issues: With carpet patch repair services, you will decrease the health issues which leads to fungus, virus and bacteria in your carpet. This will be best for you and your family’s hygiene and health.


1. What is the price of repairing a damaged carpet?

This will depend on the size and type of the damage. Most of the repairs will cost a small part of the expense of replacing a whole carpet. But to get an exact quote, you should call the carpet patch repair services.

2. Can you fix just a patch of carpet?

Yes, you can fix just the damaged part of your carpet with carpet patch repair. You can remove the damaged part of carpet, and fix a matching piece or piece of the same carpet using a hot glue gun. While sticking the piece, make sure that the pile, nap or design of the carpet is not altered.

3. How do I repair a damaged carpet patch? 

1. Cut the damaged area using a sharp blade. Cut the rectangular and square shape which can be easily copied.
2. Remove a section of the carpet from any area which is not visible. Use the burnt cut out portion of the carpet as a template and cut the piece of the new carpet fabric which you need to use. You can cut the carpet from the area below the storage cupboard or wardrobe. Ensure that it matches the burnt section.
3. Use glue on the new carpet and paste it. Give some time for glue to set in till its tacky and then slowly press it in place.
4. using a small scissor,trim any fibes of the end which are long and slowly brush the fibers.
5. Keep a large book on the repaired area and let it dry for 24 hours and its done!

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