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Just like any furniture piece or appliance at your home, carpets also need care and maintenance. By installing carpet flooring, you can enhance the personality and beauty of your home. Money and efforts which you will invest in its maintenance and upkeep will increase its lifespan and condition. Carpet burn repair is one of the common issues which carpet owners suffer from. Accidents can happen at any time, an iron or matchstick can fall on the carpet creating a burn mark or hole in the carpet. If you are living in Ripplebrook and need your carpet burn to be fixed then carpet burn repair in Ripplebrook is what you need! This is the solution to your woes. Whether it’s harsh chemicals, acid spillage, cigarette burns, hot hair straightener or steam iron on the carpet.

Metro Carpet Repair Melbourne in Ripplebrook experts are IICRC certified and specialise in carpet Burn repair, Seam Repair , water damage repair , restretching repair. Our Company give emergency 24*7 services in Commercials, Residentials & all parts of the cities. To know more about it, call us on  0480017395.

Steps to do Carpet Burn Repair

Cut out the Patch

  • Find out in which direction the carpet flows. Use the vacuum cleaner on the carpet in the back and forth direction.
  • The carpet will become fluffy when you will push in one direction and lie in the other direction.
  • The direction in which the carpet is lying tells us about the direction in which the grain flow is.
  • Keep a sheet of paper on the burn mark and draw a circle over it and create an outline over the mark.
  • Cut the circle from the paper using a pair of scissors. Place the paper circle on the piece of scrap carpet.
  • Use carpet from any hidden part if you don’t have any scrap with you. Cut the circle from a carpet from the scrap using a utility knife.

Applying the Patch

Place the scrap carpet piece on the carpet on the burn mark. Using it as a template, cut out a circle of the same size on the carpet using a utility knife. You have to be careful not to cut through the carpet pad below the backing. You can throw away the burnt carpet.

  • Cut out a piece of burlap or a similar material one inch larger than the carpet hole. Put the heavy burlap in the hole area.
  • Lift the carpet to put the seam glue on the edge of the burlap. Take the patch and put the carpet seam glue onto the burlap.
  • Roll a roller tool around the patch till the patch is blended with the carpet.
  • Put a heavyweight over the patch and leave it so that the glue bonds the burlap with the patch.
  • Trim the fibre of the carpet using a pair of scissors to match the carpet and then vacuum.

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What Kinds of Repairs Can Carpet Burn Cure?

We at Metro Carpet Repair Melbourne offer a wide range of services for carpet Burn in  Ripplebrook

  • Burn carpet repairs
  • Carpet hole repairs
  • Carpet torn repairs
  • Stair carpet repair
  • Bleach repairs

Carpet Burn Repair in Commerical & Residential Areas

For 30 years, we have been in the business of fitting, supplying and repairing soft floor coverings in commercial and residential homes and commercial areas in Ripplebrook.

With more than three decades of experience, we have supplied, fitted as well as repaired millions of carpet metres. We aspire to carry forward this legacy for years to come and our customer reviews motivate us to march on.

Our customers are our priority. We do our best to make sure that we fulfil our promises. We cover all your concerns, big or small.

Advantages of Carpet Burn Repair Ripplebrook:

For your carpets, we constantly try to provide the best services. The lengthy life of your carpets depends upon their maintenance. therefore in case there are any burn marks on your carpet furthermore here are the cases why should you count just on Carpet Burn Repair Melbourne’s service.

1. Lowest Repairing Cost

After picking up premium carpets, everyone tries to observe them away from damages. Accidents can take place ultimately, so are we; who willingly come forward and help you sort out effects at ease. You can consult our platoon members for any kind of carpet burn form irrespective of being big or small. A carpet needs thorough care as soon as a burn patch takes place. If there are any burn marks and holes in the carpet also these problems bear quick action.

2. It Will Extend The Life of your Carpets

Addressing the issues and also resolving them within time can extend the life of your carpet. So we always try to repair the burns rather than replace them. There are numerous cases where we’ve seen that carpets get back into shape only by sheer grafting of carpet. It’s advised, that in case you have come across any issue which may bear Carpet Burn Form, also don’t stay, consult an expert right down and save thousands at formerly.

3. Carpet Burn Repair Service will Make look Elegant

Scraps on the carpet are one of the most common issues of the carpet. Our professionals can refurbish your carpet fluently as they’ve handled issues with different kinds and much further. Carpet doctoring, makes the carpet look exactly as new.


1. How much does it cost to fix a burn-in carpet?

Various factors like room size, repair complexity and materials come into play while deciding the total cost of the carpet repair.

2. How do you do carpet burn repair?

Our technicians skillfully fix all the carpet burns using state-of-the-art cleaning equipment along with their own technical experience and knowledge. Our carpet burn repair services are extremely economical as well as hassle-free.

3. Can burn carpet be repaired?

Our carpet burns repair service repairs and restores your carpet by going the extra mile. We make sure that you don’t have to rush to the stores just to buy a new carpet and do localised carpet repairs that completely blends in.

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