Is your carpet tornaround the seams? If that’s the case, our carpet seam repair specialists in Bunyip North can help. A correctly installed carpet seam will remain perfectly in place for years. Seams, on the other hand, can get tornif they’re not properly sealed, if they’re dragged apart by force, or if the carpet has got old.

Our team of Metro Carpet Repair Melbourne in Bunyip North are IICRC certified and specialise in carpet Burn repair, Carpet Seam Repair , Carpet water damage repair , carpe restretching repair. Along with this , our Company give emergency 24*7 services in Commercials, Residentials & all parts of the cities. To know more about it, call us on  0480017395

How to Do Carpet Seam Repair Like a Pro

If the seam tape doesnt have its grip anymore, the carpet seam repair may only include applying glue to the seam tape under the carpet. And then pressing down the carpet backing on the fresh glue. Latex may also be used, although it will be necessary to maintain pressure on the carpet with a heavy weight.

If a seam must be taken apart before doing the carpet repair, simply place a wet towel over the seam and use a hot steam iron to loosen its grip. The steam will allow you to remove the old seam tape. Next, you will want to make sure that all carpet edges are clean, and that all glue residue is completely removed from the seam tape.

Carpet seam tape, a seaming iron, and a carpet steam roller are used to repair the seam.

Other tools will be required if the carpet needs to be stretched.

  • Apply your iron to the seam tape and carefully press the carpet down while using the iron to weaken the tape’s glue.
  • This action necessitates a steady hand (and a little expertise with seam tape doesn’t hurt either).

The hot glue is then forced into the carpet’s backing, and a hefty weight is used to keep everything in place while it cools and hardens.

Metro Carpet repair Melbourne is renowned company in Melbourne and which provide services in remote areas as well.  Others Services, our company offers –

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2. Carpet Wrinkle Repair Bunyip North

3. Carpet Torn Repair Bunyip North

4. Carpet Restretching Repair

5. Carpet Burn Repair Bunyip North

6. Carpet Hole Repair Bunyip North

7. Water Damaged Carpet Repair Bunyip North

8. Carpet Restretching Bunyip North

Use of Carpet Seam Repair in Commerical & residential areas

Your carpets are one of your home’s most durable accessories.Rips and tears are more likely to occur after months or years of use, especially in locations where foot traffic is intense on a daily basis. Even if you think you need to replace the carpet in the entire room, a simple carpet seam repair will be enough.

Pet stain repairs, carpet stretching, pet bites, burn holes, rust and permanent stains, smoothing ruffled carpet, and, of course, mending loose carpet seams are all areas where our carpet seam repair service in Bunyip North excel.

Advantages of Carpet Seam Repair Services Bunyip North :

For your carpets, we constantly try to provide the best services. The lengthy life of your carpets depends upon their maintenance. therefore in case there are any seam marks on your carpet furthermore here are the cases why should you count just on Carpet Seam Repair Melbourne’s service.

Lowest Repairing Cost

After picking up premium carpets, everyone tries to observe them away from damages. Accidents can take place ultimately, so are we; who willingly come forward and help you sort out effects at ease. You can consult our platoon members for any kind of carpet burn form irrespective of being big or small. A carpet needs thorough care as soon as a burn patch takes place. If there are any burn marks and holes in the carpet also these problems bear quick action.

Carpet Repair Service will Make look Elegant

Carpet Seam Repair  on the carpet are one of the most common issues of the carpet. Our professionals can refurbish your carpet fluently as they’ve handled issues with different kinds and much further. Carpet doctoring, makes the carpet look exactly as new.


Q: What is the carpet seam repair process?

A: Poor carpet installation and low-quality carpet lead to torn carpet seams.

  • Measure the torn seam to solve the problem.
  • Then, using the carpet tape included in the carpet seam repair kit, trim it to fit the region.
  • Pull the carpet’s edges back.
  • Remove both sides of the carpet tape’s adhesive tack paper.
  • Place the tape in the middle and on the floor.
  • When you have a helping hand, this process is doable.
  • Now roll the carpet onto the tape, making sure the borders are even.
  • Walk over the area or place something heavy on it to check it out.

Q: Is it possible to restore a carpet without having to replace it?

A: Yes, it is feasible to repair a carpet that has been damaged.

The safest option is to hire a professional.

However, you might be able to fix it yourself.

There’s no harm in trying it first, as long as you have enough scraps to make a large enough piece for a professional to utilise if you fail.

Q: What is the price of carpet seam repair in Bunyip North?

A: The cost of carpet seam depends on the size, material and extent of damage.

Q: Is it possible to carpet seam repair with a glue gun?

A: If you have a rug that won’t stay put on wood, tiled, or laminate flooring, a dab of hot glue will work wonders. Apply glue along the edge and at the corners of the rug after flipping it over.

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