How frustrating is it to see a hole in your carpet, whether it be due to your pet playing inside or due to a cigarette burn? But don’t you worry, we got you fully covered. Rather than being cranky for the whole day, why not get your carpet repaired with carpet hole repair service in Bullarto and get that beautiful smile back?

Carpets can get damaged due to a variety of reasons -be it hard spills, rough scratch or any other cause, which may damage your carpet beyond repair which if left unnoticed.

Metro Carpet Repair Melbourne in Bullarto experts are IICRC certified and specialise in carpet hole repair, Seam Repair , water damage repair , restretching repair. Our Company give emergency 24*7 services in Commercials, Residential & all parts of the cities. To know more about it, call us on  0480017395

Just like a person’s footwear is an important part of their dress-up, so is the case with the carpet for decor. Make sure you put your best foot forward. It is always a smart decision to get a new appearance for your carpet by carpet repair and invisible mending rather than buying a new one.

Carpet hole repair service has vast experience in carpet repair, seam fixing and patching. We aim at restoring your carpet’s rough areas to rejuvenate it. Rather than wasting money on getting the entire carpet replaced ignoring damaged areas, we find the best fix for the damaged area and restore it.

Steps to do Carpet Hole Repair 

1) Measure the total damaged carpet area

With the help of a measuring tape, measure the total area damaged in the carpet. This will give you an estimate of the area that has to be repaired. Additionally, it will give you an idea how you can get a corresponding patch from similar carpet for patching the damaged part.

2) Cut out the damaged area from the carpet

Carefully cut out the damaged carpet area using a carpet cutting tool or knife. Be very precise while cutting it out, making sure that you don’t damage any other part due to pressure.

3) Find an identical carpet and measure its dimensions

It is crucial to take into account that the carpet patch needs to be identical to each other. Extra remnants from the carpet which were left at the time of installation can be used in almost all of the cases. Cut out the donor carpet piece measuring the same as the defect and trim its sides carefully.

4) Use a single sided tape

Next, you need to use a single-sided tape to cut out sufficient length to fill up the hole of the carpet. Uncover the side having adhesive, so that the sticky side faces up. Place the tape slowly onto the area around it.

5) Fix a patch on the carpet hole-
Carefully add the new patch into the hole of the damaged carpet in the correct orientation. Now, make sure that you trim any extra uneven fibres by rubbing them with the help of a brush or anything similar so that it blends in properly and camouflages with the carpet.

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What Kinds of Repairs Can Carpet Hole Cure?

We at Metro Carpet Repair Melbourne offer a wide range of services for carpet Hole    Repair  in  Bullarto

  • Burn carpet repairs
  • Carpet hole repairs
  • Carpet torn repairs
  • Stair carpet repair
  • Bleach repairs

Carpet Hole Repair in Commerical & residential areas

Carpet repair and invisible mending are the best option in case you reside in a rented property or if you were at a friend’s place but damaged the carpet accidentally. We can help you to make things the same as before with our prompt same day  carpet hole repair service in Bullarto so that you can get your carpets seen and repaired with a simple phone call.

Stained carpet, torn or worn carpet and split seams into doorways, halls and rooms can also be repaired whether it’s right in the middle of a high traffic area or if the carpet meets a hard floor surface.

Call today to get your carpet damage analysed and fixed by our experts.

Commercial  carpet hole repair in Bullarto

We also understand that areas with high foot traffic like commercial and office premises undergo a lot of damages like regular wear and tear, sun damage, spot damage and carpet wear from roller wheels. Be it libraries, hotels, office space and restaurants or even the Parliament house – we can repair any carpet defect irrespective of its size.

Advantages of Carpet Hole Repair Bullarto :

For your carpets, we constantly try to provide the best services. The lengthy life of your carpets depends upon their maintenance. therefore in case there are any burn marks on your carpet furthermore here are the cases why should you count just on Carpet Burn Repair Melbourne’s service.

1. Lowest Repairing Cost

After picking up premium carpets, everyone tries to observe them away from damages. Accidents can take place ultimately, so are we; who willingly come forward and help you sort out effects at ease. You can consult our platoon members for any kind of carpet burn form irrespective of being big or small. A carpet needs thorough care as soon as a burn patch takes place. If there are any burn marks and holes in the carpet also these problems bear quick action.

2. It Will Extend The Life of your Carpets

Addressing the issues and also resolving them within time can extend the life of your carpet. So we always try to repair the burns rather than replace them. There are numerous cases where we’ve seen that carpets get back into shape only by sheer grafting of carpet. It’s advised, that in case you have come across any issue which may bear Carpet Burn Form, also don’t stay, consult an expert right down and save thousands at formerly.

3. Carpet Burn Repair Service will Make look Elegant

Scraps on the carpet are one of the most common issues of the carpet. Our professionals can refurbish your carpet fluently as they’ve handled issues with different kinds and much further. Carpet doctoring, makes the carpet look exactly as new.


1. How much does it cost to fix a hole in the carpet? 

The amount needed to be invested to patch a hole in a carpet depends on the size of the patch and the rug’s construction. You can call our  carpet hole repair service in Bullarto to get an estimate.

2. Can you patch a hole in a rug? 

Yes, it’s completely possible to patch a damaged carpet. The way to do it is a carpet-seam tape with adhesive on one side. Double-sided tape can be used to anchor a rug to a floor.

3. Can you repair the carpet without replacing it? 

It is best if you have carpet remnants leftover from installation, which can be easily used to patch up the damaged area. In case you don’t have remnants, a piece of carpeting from an overlooked area of the room, like a closet or behind a door, will also do the trick.

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