Water Damaged Carpet Restoration  Do’s and Don’ts – The Tricks You Need To Know

Water damages to carpets are common in areas that witness frequent storms, and seasonal rains. Aside from natural factors, every house at least once faces water logging problems inside their house that damage their valuable carpets.

Sudden liquid spill, overflow from toilets, bathtubs, and sinks can easily damage your carpets and flooring. In such situations, panicking isn’t going to help at all. You need to avail water damaged carpet services as soon as possible.

While waiting for help to arrive for carpet water damage repair Melbourne, there are some dos and don’ts that homeowners should know to protect their carpet’s dignity.

Let’s look at some of the things you should do in case of carpet water damage Melbourne!

  • Cut off Power Supply

In case of sudden water logging inside your house, the first thing you need to do is cut off the electricity supply. Don’t look for the source of water as the risk of getting electrocuted is much higher than drowning.

This way you can prevent any severe accidents and keep your loved ones safe as well.

  • Identify Water Source

After your power supply is off, you should start looking for the source of flooding. See if the flooding is caused by the overflow of a sink, baths, or machines or if there’s a broken tap or pipeline.

You can turn off the taps in case of overflow, however, in case of broken or leaking pipes, you need to find a temporary solution. Using a plumbing tool, try to fix the leakage, or tightly wrap a cloth around the taps so the inflow of water can be stopped.

  • Stop Water Inflow

In case of natural disasters like floods, storms, or heavy rainfall, you can try making sandbags and installing them at your doors. This is one effective way of stopping water inflow.

  • Remove Standing Water

After the water inflow stops, you should try to remove the standing water. Try wiping away the excess water so your floorings can be protected soon.

If the volume of water is low, then you can try mopping the floors as well.

  • Improve Air Flow

Open your doors and windows to allow cross ventilation. This helps in drying up your house quickly.

  • Call Experts For Carpet Water Damage Repair Melbourne!

Quickly call professionals if the damage is severe and beyond your control. The professionals arrive within an hour of booking confirmation for water damaged carpet services.

Don’ts OfCarpet Water Damage Melbourne!

  • Avoid Incomplete Carpet Drying

Many homeowners take the matters into their hands and hang their wet carpets outside hoping they would dry naturally. However, you should not dry a wet carpet if it hasn’t been cleaned thoroughly.

The risk of mold growth remains high when your carpet drying time exceeds 24 hours. Therefore, don’t dry your carpets at home, rely on experts for water damaged carpet services.

  • Don’t Attempt Water Damaged Carpet Restoration at Home

If you have zero knowledge of water-damaged carpet cleaning then avoid doing so at your home. You may end up causing more damage to the carpets by using dangerous tools or cleaning chemicals.

  • Avoid DIY Hacks

When the flooding is minor, many homeowners prefer going for DIY hacks instead of calling professionals. Professionals inspect the dirt level of water and check the carpet’s condition before cleaning them.

However, homeowners often miss this part and directly dry their carpets. Therefore, in the case of water-damaged carpets, you should not perform DIY hacks at home.

I would like to conclude that Carpet water damage can be one of the worst things that can happen to your valuable carpets. The presence of moisture can deteriorate the carpet fibers while implying the dangers of mold growth.

Make sure you follow the above-mentioned dos and don’ts to protect your carpets from severe damage.

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