Tips To Fix Carpet Burns

Carpet burn can be caused due to several reasons, such as hot iron, cigarette, electrical short circuit, dropped match, accident with a candle, and more. Carpet damage is inevitable, but there are a few carpet repair tips to help you restore them to their original condition.

Depending on the severity and size of the burn, you might want to allow a professional to repair your valuable carpets. But if you are comfortable and handy doing the work yourself, we have outlined the carpet burn repair tips to help you fix the carpet burn incidents.

Here is how to repair a carpet burn to restore your carpets to their original conditions.

Material required for burnt carpet repair 


Razor knife

Fine grit sandpaper

Pointed end scissors that are sharp enough to cut carpet

Piece of standard printer paper

Double-sided carpet tape or a latex adhesive

A piece of replacement carpet to cover the affected area

Carpet Burn Repair Melbourne Method 1 

Use scissors and carefully cut the burnt part of the carpet.

Snip some carpet fiber near the wall or inside the closet (the area that is not noticeable)

Stick the fibers on the carpet to conceal the burn spot.

Carpet Burn Repair Melbourne Method 2 

Use a sharp scissor and cut out the burned carpet part.

Use a mild detergent to clean the affected area. You can use a sponge to scrub and clean it.

Cut out a scarp carpet piece that is larger than the burnt spot. To ensure that the new carpet piece blends in, be sure that the colour matches and the fibers run in the same direction.

Place the fresh cut-out carpet piece over the burned area.

With the help of a utility knife, cut around the edges. You need to cut through the carpet below it. Practice caution while cutting through, stop before you get to the carpet padding.

Take the burned carpet piece out. Check if the new piece of carpet fits perfectly. You can trim the edges to ensure that it fits properly in the affected area.

Use double-sided tape or glue to stick the new carpet piece to the affected area.

Do not walk on the affected area of carpeting for a couple of hours. This helps the adhesive or the double tape to stick properly to the carpet.

If you are worried about damaging the carpet, then get in touch with professionals fora carpet burn repair service. Professionals are experts and have vast experience and knowledge about carpet burn repair services.

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