Carpet Water damaged Restoration – Tips & tricks

Sudden natural calamity, pipe burst, or leakage can do severe damage to your property and carpets. At least once, every household witnesses water overflow and leakage issue that appears devastating.

In case of sudden flooding, many homeowners feel confused about things they should do. That’s why we have mentioned a few tips and tricks about water damage and carpet wrinkle repair that every homeowner should know.

So, let’s look at the tips that can save your valuable carpets from severe water damage.

Find Leaking Source

The first thing that you should do upon encountering water damage is to find the source of leakage. Check if the leakage is from the taps, broken pipes, or bath overflow. If the situation can be controlled at home, you should act immediately and try to find a temporary solution.

Stop water inflow so you can save your property from excessive damage. Make sure to call a plumber in case the problem is too complicated for you.

Switch off Power Supply

Before stepping in the water it is important that you switch off the power supply of the house. This way you can prevent yourself and your family from being electrocuted.

Check if the water level has risen to the height where it can enter through any charging point. If the water level has already risen, leave your property immediately. However, in case the water level is low you should switch off the main switch.

Check Water Source

Now, that you have turned off the power supply it is time to check the water source. See if the water source is clean or dirty, based on the information your further actions are decided.

If the water source is from a tap or sink overflow it is clean. However, if the water is released from the washing machine or dishwasher it is classified as greywater. You need to wear protective gear before dealing with greywater.

On the other hand, if the water is from sewage, drain, or toilet you should avoid entering your property. Call water damaged carpet repair service experts and let them handle the situation.

Dry Out Water

After inspecting the water type, you should proceed with drying it. Use a wiper or mope for removing standing water. If your carpets and rugs have been soaked in the water try to cover them up with a dry towel so they can absorb the moisture.

Avoid walking on the wet carpet with your shoes on as it can accumulate more dirt. Open doors and windows to create cross-ventilation in the room. Turn on fans for boosting the drying process.

Remove Damaged Items

Check the damaged items that remain on the surface. Remove doormats and everything that has been in contact with the water.

Check if the damaged item can be salvaged or not. If the items have been soaked in the water for more than 48 hours, you should throw them away. Else, seek professional help for restoration services.

For your carpets, you can drag them and hang them outside so the water can drip from them. Be quick when it comes to saving carpets as excessive exposure can cause permanent damage.

Inspect Mold

If your carpets have been soaked in water for a long time the risk of mold growth is pretty high. Molds are fungi that grow in damp areas and are dangerous for humans and pets alike. These fungi can spread diseases and trigger allergic reactions.

Moreover, a carpet with mold gets stained permanently and also releasesan odor. You need to inspect if the carpets have molded or not. If there are molds, make sure to get your carpets cleaned immediately.

Disinfect Your Property

While you wait for the professionals to arrive at your property, you can disinfect some parts of your room. Use some bleach and let it sit on the floor for some time. Use of bleach is recommended when the carpet restoration experts arrive on the next day of making a booking.

Call Carpet Wrinkle Doctor

As soon as the situation gets under control, call your carpet repair company. Let experts handle the job perfectly and safely.

Make sure to take help from the experts as they know best how to handle different situations. Especially, when it comes to black water, as it can be risky for your health. Professionals follow standard procedures and wear safety gear before handling such dangerous situations.

Final Words

Now, you know about the tips and tricks that you need to try in case of sudden flooding and water damage. Turn off the power supply, and check the water source and category before stepping inside. Make sure to wear protective equipment before handling the situation yourself!

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